What is this document?

These words put to paper constitute the Design Document for Rogaria, a LARP event organised by Oneiros VZW. This document contains our vision and strategy for this event, relevant information regarding look and feel, and practical information to get you ready for this event.   

The Design Document is not a rulebook, nor does it contain ingame information about our world.

At the bottom of this page you can download both the Design Document and the Rule Book. Make sure to also check out the Documents page for further details and a FAQ on the rules.

What is Rogaria about?

High Fantasy, but not like you know it

The immeasurable Sand Sea of Rogaria is a world filled with mysterious Sciences akin to magic in their power, warriors with immense strength, and beguiling tradesmen spinning tales of wonder. It is a world where your Kraal, the number of tents your tribe is housed in, is the most important measure of respect. It is a world where tales of your individual accomplishments bear fruit. A world threatened both by the emergence of sedentary lifestyles, and those who would impose them, and threats arisen centuries before the origin of our story.

Rogaria is a sprawling high fantasy world, heavily inspired by Oriental and Middle Eastern stories and tales. Rogaria is however not a historically correct setting! We play in an old (or new, depending on your worldview!) world, where several culturally distinct nomadic tribes of people called the Sha’éhel endeavour to thrive in less than forgiving circumstances. Sha’éhel look human, but they are something entirely different. While many behaviours are similar to what we find in humans, there are key differences which will be outlined later in this document.

An action-filled but story-driven LARP

Rogaria is a world rife with conflict. Be it with the slash of a blade, a powerful ritual, or a cunning political plot, conflict is integral to the experience of Rogaria. This does not mean that combat is the primary focus of this event. Rogaria will not be a railroaded experience, but neither will it be a sandbox where you can fight your way through any problem the world throws at you. Politics, ancient mysteries and spinning tales of family and what it means to hold fast to tradition in a changing world are as, if not more, integral to our story.

 We aim for a variety of playing styles to interact with our rich story, which will span several events. What happens to your character is in no way set in stone, and your actions, however small, will have consequences driving your personal place in our story.

An immersive living world

Immersion is not just a buzzword for Rogaria. We aim to bring The Sands and its colourful denizens to life. This includes every effort to integrate each “food moment” into the IC part of the story, high production values, ingame sleeping and camping and use of technology and electronics to streamline play.

Do you want to leave your mark on this ever-shifting world? Then we welcome you to Rogaria.

Design Document

Player Handbook